A Perfect Day for Kite Flying

The wind was so strong, it was blowing flowers off and our porch was covered in rose petals everywhere. I knew it would be a perfect day for kite flying, the kids had only been begging us since we bought them last week, it just hadn’t been windy enough to do it… until now.

Baby V flying kite for the first timeShe had no idea what she was doing. She simply held on as tight as she could and shook with excitement as her kite flickered and flew overhead.

baby v's kiteWithout doing anything spectacular on her own, it just flew all by itself, she just held on for dear life.

bird kiteMeanwhile, her sisters and brothers were around, flying theirs, too.

flying kites with friendsEach of the kids had friends over to help them fly – it didn’t seem to matter what the age, even the older kids wanted a crack at it.

Major Spaz flies a kiteAnd with that powerful wind, boy howdy, did they ever fly.

oldest flying his kiteThat sun.. that sun was delicious.

kite sun flareThe sky was a perfect shade of blue for their kite-flying backdrop.

plane kiteAnd Baby V’s faces – OhMyGosh!!! She couldn’t have been more animated about flying a kite.

the many faces of Baby V while flying her kiteThere’s no doubt about it – not only was this a perfect day for kite flying, but kite flying is one of those ageless things you can do with your kids.

two kites flying together in the skyHave you been kite-flying lately?