Mother’s Day 2014

My husband truly had no idea what to get me this year for Mother’s Day. What’s funny is.. I wasn’t sure either myself. It dawned on me, though, when I was photographing our little Mom and Me tea party soiree, the difficulty I was having zooming in on certain things, and how badly my 18-55mm lens needed a good cleaning and tune-up. Maybe I could get a new lens? I thought to myself. But I really kind-of liked those fancy-pants cameras they were showing us at the Best Buy booth at Mom 2.0. Hmm.

My husband was completely on board with taking me to Best Buy to check them out. After searching many reviews and doing a little investigative reporting, the thing I hadn’t done and didn’t get a chance to do in Atlanta was… HOLD IT AND PLAY WITH IT MYSELF. Can’t order a camera unless you know it’s going to work for you, am I right?

The salespeople were wonderfully helpful, and offered up their opinions, but we all agreed, for what I was needing, the A6000 would’ve been a better bet, but I would’ve been essentially starting over, only the 18-55 lens, more money to get the zoom lens for soccer/sports, and the price tag was quite hefty given it’s smaller size.

I ended up walking out of Best Buy with a 50mm pancake lens, figuring it’s light weight and snappy self would be the little invigoration I needed for my old Nikon D60, but quite frankly, it wasn’t. More lightweight and peppy, sure, but it still wasn’t doing what I needed it to do, and I really wanted a DSLR with video capabilities.

Somehow, in my search online for something that fit my needs, I came across the Nikon D3200 and its stellar reviews. I was blown away by pro-photographers touting how it rivaled their expensive pro-quality cameras with an “entry level” set up in a lot of ways, and it has everything I need and wanted except for wi-fi, which could be added on with a simple $50 piece at a later time. SOLD.

Here she is, the newest member of our family:


I couldn’t not let her first picture be the one I’d been wanting all weekend – the one of me and the kids (minus the oldest, who worked a double today).

Happy Mother's Day 2014

My Mother’s Day wasn’t the dreamy rest-filled day I’d imagined (the kids still misbehaved and didn’t exactly “pamper” me) but the hugs the kids snuck me throughout the day helped me to remember that, even on the tough, behaviorally-challenged days with the kids, deep down the love the heck out of me. They truly are my everything. Always.

How was your Mother’s Day?