Summertime Fun – Chalk on the Trampoline

chalkboard trampolineWe’ve already had a ton of fun on our new trampoline (even though summer’s not even a week old for us yet).

It was a perfect summer day – sun beating down, windy enough to keep us moderately cool. The kids had been playing as hard as they could, but were getting to that “bored” point. I could sense it. They didn’t actually declare it, they were just stagnant, kicking at the ground, scuffing their feet, eyes rolling back and forth wondering when something fun would fall into their laps. I know it’s against parent law to be the one to entertain your kids, but I love trying new things, and I knew this was going to be a winner. “Hey guys – want to do something fun?”


chalk drawing on the trampolineEnter chalk on the trampoline.

drawing with chalk on the trampolineHoly smokes, they couldn’t believe how much fun it was. “It’s just like a chalkboard, mommy!”

draw chalk on the trampolineNot only that, but once they drew their hearts out and worked up a sweat, we turned on the sprinkler to cool ’em off, wash their drawings away, so they could start again.

Now I just need to stock up on more sidewalk chalk, because at this rate, they’re going to be out of chalk by the end of the day. Ha!

Have you ever tried writing chalk on the trampoline before?