Dr. Cocoa is My Chocolate-Flavored Cold and Cough Super Hero

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dr. Cocoa™.

I don’t know about you, but the nasty-tasting red cough syrup smells and tastes bad enough already, who the heck wants to wear it like a perfume? NOT ME! And yet, that’s exactly what happens, especially with young kids, isn’t it? They have a horrible cough, you pour the cough syrup in order to help, but you end up wearing it because they hate the taste. Parent friends, I know you’re right there with me on this. Surely there has to be a better way!

And now, there is. (Cue dramatic movie music)

Dr. Cocoa™ has swooped in and saved the day, as if they’re some cape-wearing, mask-donning, super cough relief heroes of justice. They understand that parenting’s hard enough without having to full nelson your sick kids to take their meds. They get our struggle, parent friends! They’re the geniuses that thought to themselves, “Hey – what if we end this ridiculous battle and made this medicine stuff taste GOOD with CHOCOLATE because kids like chocolate, and chocolate is awesome.”


Dr Cocoa Cold and Cough ReliefI mean, how many of us scouring the library for the “sneak veggies into baked goods” cookbooks to get more of those into our picky kids? *raises hand* It’s like when they decided to make penicillin and amoxicillin taste like bubble gum and stuff, instead of how WE used to take it when we were kids (a horribly tasting crushed up pill in apple sauce, as if our parents thought they were being sneaky). Now, we don’t need to hide the cough syrup in a super-sweet juice to get them to take it, or wonder if they drank it all from the medicine cup if they end up spitting some at you, and you’re wearing it all over your t-shirt like a parental badge of courage. No, no more, friends! Now there IS a better way, thank the heavens, there’s chocolate relief from the gods! (Cue super hero music)

Dr Cocoa is a Dr HeroDr. Cocoa™ is officially the first ever chocolate-flavored, over-the-counter liquid cough and cold medicine for children ages 4-13. (Can you believe it!?!?) Available nationwide at stores everywhere, as well as online, visit visit DrCocoa.com for more information about Dr. Cocoa™, including where to buy and how to get coupons. (Yes!!) Hook up with the cough and cold super heroes on Facebook and print out a $4 Dr. Cocoa coupon!

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