Join the “12 Strong” Twitter Party Event 1/17 8pm ET #12StrongMovie

This a sponsored event for Warner Bros Pictures about the new movie, “12 Strong.”¬†#WBsponsored Last week, I had the honor to travel to LA and see a press screening of the new¬†movie “12 Strong” by Warner Bros Pictures in theaters January 19th. I’m honored to host a special event on Twitter Wednesday January 17th at […]

Join Us for the Cheerios #sendCheer Twitter Party on 11/10 and Help Support #military Families

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been tweeting and retweeting a lot about something called “#sendcheer” lately. It’s a campaign I’m currently running with Collective Bias that I couldn’t be more excited about. As an Army wife myself, helping military families, big or small, is something I’m quite passionate about, […]

Twitter Suspended Me

Can you help? Twitter mass-suspended a lot of people over the weekend, and I’m one of them (@crazyadventures)! Without any reason why, I’m suspended, probably suspected as spam or something. This is a mistake! If you have a Twitter account, can you please tweet to @twitter and @spam to free me from my suspended confines, […]

Twitter and the Inauguration

Here are some tweets I thought I’d share with you, from people who watched Obama get sworn in, as we spoke back and forth, 140 characters at a time. Whatever their political affiliation, it was amazing to have all of us come together, as everyone did today in DC and nationwide, to watch history being […]