A Day

Ever have a day in which you felt as though you were running up a mountain with oil-slicks for shoes, huffing and puffing and never moving anywhere but sliding down? Where you’re worn from head to toe, your ear lobes and navel aren’t alienated from the agonizing ache you feel from seemingly moving every.single.second without […]

New! Disqus Comment System and Linky Alternative

BIG NEWS! I had begun a poll in my sidebar with a proposition of using a new comment system here at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. However, I removed the poll and went ahead with the new system anyway, particularly because I wanted so desperately to interact with all of you the best and easiest way. […]

Learning from Farrah, Michael and Joshua

You know, I had planned on writing something else entirely and yet I couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to discuss anything else other than yesterday’s events and the chaos swirling inside my totally in need of a new hair cut head right now. Yesterday was more than a surprise for millions of people. With […]


There’s a couple struggles going on within my extended family right now – struggles we’ve contended with for some time. Those that, no matter how much we pour into it, it seems to chew us up and spit us out with fury. Turmoil, if you will. The past week or so has been a blur […]

Pardon the Dust

The server holding my fancy schmancy images decided to update today without warning 😉 My page will look a little undecorated at the moment, but it’ll be pretty again soon! 😉 In the meantime, if you currently have my button on your sidebars, you may notice it missing. If you could change the path of […]

Online Picture Safety

I’m apparently REALLY out of the loop. I even went over and commented on a couple of Danielle’s posts, and never even had a CLUE about what was happening to her. I feel just AWFUL that I was so oblivious. For those who hadn’t heard: Danielle’s family picture was used in a Czech Republic ad […]

Can You Help?

Meet Ezra.Ezra just had his second birthday. For his birthday, instead of partying like normal two-year-old’s get to, with cake, ice cream and games, he was bitten by a spider, taken to the doctor for tests for fear it was venomous, and ended up diagnosed with leukemia. To say his mother is besides herself is […]

Splish Splash

It was a day in which the heat felt heavy against our skin, and breathing took an effort. The sun would peek out from behind the clouds and smother you, even if only for a moment. I exploded forth an idea to break out the bathing suits and the sprinkler, even if the pools weren’t […]

You Capture – Joy

Now that I’ve gotten my new camera, I thought I might join Beth in doing her You Capture series. I love everything she takes, she is BRILLIANT, and was instrumental in helping me pick out a camera. So, for my first time participating, this week is “Joy“, here are my picks for pictures: Looking out […]


My thoughts are with you and your mother, sweet Stellan.You’ve got a lot of people worrying, praying, and thinking of you today.Everyday I check on her blog.Everyday I check on him.Everyday I cry seeing his beautiful face, thankful for each and every picture, depicting him okay despite her tales of their struggle.Let today be another […]