A Chocolate Mistake

I have a nice full box of cocoa in my cupboard. I’ve been craving sweets as of late, so I thought, if I want to do the crime, I have to do the time – so if I’m going to eat ’em, I need to bake ’em.

(Which usually leads to my deciding, oh, about half the time, to NOT go ahead with it. Good deterrent from eating sweets, if you have to get off your lazy butt to make them right then and there, eh? Hey, whatever works, right?!)

Last night I did. I got up. I “baked”. ‘Cept all I did was throw ingredients into a saucepan to make melted chocolate, thinking I could create something awesomer than awesome.

Only, I’ve apparently lost my chocolate-making mojo. The “fudge” didn’t settle. It was more like soup, even after being frozen (since I thought freezing it would help it harden).

Behold, as you can see, my frankensteinian creation from last night. Not too pretty, because I messed it up,but still, all kinds of chocolatey good.

Pretty, isn’t it? Haha. Not so much. But, I will say, it was fricken tas-ty! And, um, a little addicting {grin}

Ah well, what flub?

crunch crunch crunch

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