As if I needed to add more to my already super-long to-do list..
Momma’s been bit by the sewing bug, again.

You can’t take me anywhere, I swear. Happily looking for red fabric for my son’s boy scout vest, and what do I find? Oh yes, Mecca. My two-year-old didn’t help, either. She saw the character prints and immediately hoarded them, hugging and petting them, threatening to bite the hands off of anyone wanting to snatch them from her hands.

That’s my girl!

So, these days, other than soccer games, mountains of laundry, and other projects I’ve yet to talk about *cough*frames*cough*, you will fine me happily caffeinated, hovering and perhaps twitching from lack of sleep, all to the sounds of the sewing machine whurring away masterpieces amateur works for my family. The girls mainly, because there isn’t too much you can make for boys, other than pajama bottoms. Or pillows. Or curtains. (Don’t worry, they won’t be left out, I assure you).

But making the girly stuff is entirely too much fun!

So yes, you see Dora and Boots. First one up is my two-year-old, she’s getting a new spring ruffly outfit. I mean, she did almost throw-down with the Walmart lady for that fabric. How could I say no? {grin}

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