The Great Pumpkin Bread Mystery

Yesterday I spoke of a mystery. The mystery behind the picture. Here’s the first chapter:

Everyday I walk into my kitchen about a-bazillion times a day. Today, though, I had a mystery on my hands. I walk in to find this:
The Great Pumpkin Bread MysteryYou might not be able to see the mystery right away, so let me walk you through the clues.

Exhibit A. Hmm, what is this? Crumbs on the freshly swept floor. Hmmm.
The Great Pumpkin Bread MysteryExhibit B: Huge gaping holes in loaf of pumpkin bread. Hmm.
The Great Pumpkin Bread MysteryExhibit C: Aha, part of the mystery solved… knife left on the bread.. but.. what is this!? More holes in the pumpkin bread!

The Great Pumpkin Bread MysteryThe Great Pumpkin Bread Mystery


Found you!

Nope, couldn’t have been you. You’re too short, and there was no stool found nearby.. (although, your hands are full of the stolen goods).

The Great Pumpkin Bread MysterySo, who done it?

Stay tuned while I investigate more and get to the bottom of…

“The Great Pumpkin Bread Mystery”

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