I Cut My Hair. And It’s Short.

by Lisa Douglas

What have I done??? Look at all that carnage!

Holy hair batman!Yeah, uh… remember when I said, “Hey guys, pick a hairstyle for me?” and you were like, “Ooh, I like this one,” and I was like, “Hey, cool. Thanks guys!”

So today my husband surprised me by coming home early, allowing me to utilize this time to get an appointment. Here. In this town I’m not that fond of at a strange salon I’m not familiar with. {gulp} (what exactly was I thinking??)

So I took a picture of the 2 styles I liked you picked and went to be stylist and was like, “Hey, hair-stylist-person-who-doesn’t-want-to-butcher-my-hair… can you do this?” showing her my camera’s viewfinder (because my printer bit the big one, and I couldn’t text myself a picture, I resorted to taking a picture of a picture on my computer – ghet-to!)

And she was like,”Sure!” and she did. Almost. ‘Cuz it was uneven and I had to come home to fix it. And it’s shooooooort.

New hairstyle
New hairstyleNew hairstyle

So, uh. What do you think?? Am I totally rockin’ the soccer mom cut now?

*EDIT* It’s going to have to be redone. Without styling you notice it is MAJORLY un-even. Needless to say, I’m pretty upset.

*EDIT #2* Proof it’s jacked.

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