Fashionable? Um…

While at the Hillshire Farm booth at Blogher, competing in the Hillshire Farm Sandwich Showdown, I commented to the mother of one of the kid judges about how adorably she was dressed. She thanked me and informed me her daughter picks out all her own clothing. Herself. She motioned to her little one, too, who couldn’t have been more than five-years-old, and said she did, too. As in, these girls not only know what they like, but it looks good, matches, and is fashionable.


We’re talking kids, here. Her oldest is the same age as my middle daughter. I couldn’t believe it. Really? She picks out her own clothes?

I joked, asking her if I could borrow her daughters in order to teach my daughters how to dress. She laughed. I wasn’t kidding. 

My middle daughter came down earlier, after having “dressed” herself to go to a movie with her brother, sister, and friends tonight. This is what my middle daughter thinks is fashionable.

God help us all.

“Baby? What the hell are you wearing?” I shrieked.

“What? Brown matches brown?”

Um, yeah.  


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