Military Housing Woes. Flooded. Again.

by Lisa Douglas

On March 4th, several weeks after we’d complained about a leak, Picerne Military Housing finally sent guys out to dig up our front yard to repair a leaky pipe flooding our yard and neighbor’s yards down the street. It was quite an issue, because they had to determine what was leaking at first, make sure the concrete did not have asbestos, and then have utility crews to come out and spray-paint our lawn for utility wiring before the crew could come out. After many weeks of a soggy, miserable front lawn, Picerne sent some men out and over the span of a couple days my yard was a destruction zone.

Military Housing Flood
Military Housing Flood
Military Housing FloodMilitary Housing Flood
Military Housing Flood
Our house before paint job.

Fast forward to approximately three weeks ago. We suffered a few days of heavy rain. Two days after the rain had long since ceased, we noticed a familiar puddle in our yard. My husband bent over to investigate to find we had, in fact, the same leak again. This time, it was flowing faster and was much, much worse. We immediately called housing.

They investigated right away, but as of today, December 4th, nothing other than spraying of utility lines has been done. We learned that we are not the only side of the street with a leak, our across-the-street neighbors have the same leak, too. No digging to date, and no idea how long they’ve had theirs or how long it’ll take for them to come to repair it.

I documented in the following (crappy camera-phone) video just how fast the flow of water is seeping up from the ground and flowing from our yard to our neighbors. In the video, you can hear a neighbor asking me where it was coming from. His yard was about as soggy as mine.

I am increasingly aggravated with Picerne’s lack of action on this and other many issues we’ve had. I look forward to 6-7 months from now moving away from here, hopefully into better, more cooperative and responsible hands.

I will keep you updated as to what happens.

*UPDATE: 11:29am CT I just went to run the water to wash my hands, and it’s turned off. I look outside my window to see the same crane digging up my lawn. They’ve apparently shut off my water, but decided NOT to knock on my door to FOREWARN ME that they were here or shutting off my water. WHAT.THE.HELL?

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