Breakfast for Dinner

by Lisa Douglas

Every so often, you’ve got to do it. You know? Sometimes, it’s just gotta happen, when breakfast for dinner is warranted. When I was a kid, it was because we wanted a little celebration, or maybe we forgot to take out dinner in time and were stuck with what to make, and eggs, bacon and toast is pretty quick to prepare. For us, big breakfasts are a feast meant for kings, we go all out. We wanted to eat, and celebrate, and smile. Breakfast – it’s what’s for dinner.

Old school waffles in a 30+ year old waffler (that made ME waffles when I was a kid)
homemade waffles
Homemade Blueberry Muffins with sugar lightly sprinkled on top
homemade blueberry muffins
Look at them! Can you smell ’em?
homemade blueberry muffins

Had to zoom in on the sugary goodness on top, just like the bakery! Easy ways to make it even more special! (Is it me, or does that muffin look like it has eyes, and it’s sticking it’s tongue out?)

homemade blueberry muffins
Homemade potato pancakes, recipe adapted from my old Betty Crocker cookbook from when I was a child. (More oldies but goodies!)
homemade potato pancakes
Um, it got a little smoky making them.
Okay, a LOT smoky. It looked like I was burning my house down. Ahem.
All-natural sausage, anyone? (And only 80 calories a link!)
all natural sausage

Add some made-to-order eggs, and this breakfast was complete. And, if you play your cards right by making extra, you have a stockpiled, nutritional, ready-to-eat breakfast you can easily reheat for a rushed morning. How about that?

What about you, do you ever do breakfast for dinner?

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