Before and After House Pictures – Be Prepared for Shock and Awe, People.

by Lisa Douglas

(Alternately titled: Holy Crap, My House No Longer Sucks to Look At! or House Painting Rocks My Socks! or If You Hear a Thud, That’s My Jaw. and many, many others. The shock is here to stay, people. Read on.)

It makes absolute sense that the two-year anniversary of us living in this military-owned house that it gets a much-needed face-lift. I was skeptical (as was evident about my Facebook updates), but I will be the first to admit, I’m pretty freakin’ amazed. For the entire week last week, this is what I saw when I looked out my window:

feet out the window
As seen out my kitchen window. Y’know, hence the meat thermometer ‘n all.

Cleaning, repairing, painting. Lather, rinse, repeat. It was loud, it was drama-inducing at times. I had to, more than once, run outside, with my hair on fire, freaking out because they were trampling my garden, ruining something, or God knows what.

But oh. my. goodness. My house, my ugly, 1960’s reject of a house looks decent. No, more than decent!

I’m going to walk you through the time line of what we’ve done to our home, and what it now looks like after all our hard work, and their hard work. (The backyard is not included in this party, it isn’t done.)

Here it was the day we moved in. I cried. I cried big, fat, ugly, I’m-pregnant-and-I-hate-this-place-with-my-big-pregnant-body tears. You would’ve, too.

ugliest house/yard EVER
Taken July 16th 2008

It had dirt for a supposed “lawn,” grass growing in the “garden,” and paint splotches to high hell outside. Piss-yellow accented by shit-brown, and a dead yard. I had my work cut out for me, obviously.

So, I fertilized the lawn almost nine-months pregnant. We purchased tons of plants, lava rock, black mulch, rock borders, plant food, planters, containers, bird-feeders (did I mention plants?) and by the next spring, we had something going.

Gardening makes our house better
Taken March 17th 2009

By summer ’09, our house was in full bloom. But, despite how much we did, the color was dingy, and the brown made it dark and gloomy.

Gardening in bloomGetting there
Both pictures taken June 25th 2009

And even later that summer – our lush lawn and flowers were really blossoming. The house was coming along as much as it could.

New decor making it pretty
Taken August 6th 2009

But by spring this year, no matter what we planted, hung, swept or prepped, nothing would make this house look any better than a fresh coat of paint. But I sure did my best. Earlier this month I talked about how I was changing up my house to make a home I could love. I bought more beautiful things for outside, and really began throwing myself into my house’s appearance, outside included.

New decor making it pretty
Taken June 10th 2010

Well, as I said, they began painting our block, and our house was first. I freaked. FIRST! Yes! I was skeptical when they began painting, though, when I saw the color. They came through and started spraying this baby-poo green color on our home, and I was certain we were doomed, especially with it half-done and next to the piss-yellow already up. (And, if you follow me on Facebook, you may or may not have gotten the play-by-play.) It wasn’t good. (Or so I thought.)

Um, new paint? Eek!
Taken July 15th 2010

But then they finished. And then they painted the trim, repainted the door, and fixed it up real nice. Some how, some way, paint saved the day. I cannot believe this is the same house.

This is my house. Wha?This is my house. Wha?
Taken July 19th 2010

OHMYGOD, are you seriously freaking like I’m freaking? HOLY CRAP! Look at the differences when side-by-side!

Ugly house beforeUgly house? Nope!
Before taken July 16th 2008. After taken July 19th 2010

Can you believe that? And look, look at how bright it is before-paint and after-paint! Wow!

Entryway beforeEntry after
Before taken June 10th 2010 – After taken July 19th 2010

Door beforeDoor after

Before taken June 10th 2010 – After taken July 19th 2010

I seriously cannot stand how gorgeous it is now, who cares about the 1960’s-reject-of-a-roof coming down the side or not. Wow. You guys!? This is my house!

This is my house. Wha?

Welcome! {big sheepish grin}

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