Worst Tooth Fairy EVER

by Lisa Douglas

You know we continue to suck at The Tooth Fairy when..

1. Your child loses a tooth and you don’t even know it.
2. Daughter tells your husband, who’s around, showing him, but he forgets to say anything to you (see #1)
3. She has A.D.D., so she forgets to tell you, too.
4. She placed it under the pillow that night, but forgot it was there (see #3).
5. So did everybody else, except me, because I didn’t know (see #2).
6. She finally remembered a week later, said something (to my husband). I still don’t know anything about it at this point.
7. She forgets. He forgets. Again. (See #2 and #3)
8. She remembers, again. Decides to write a note to us (her parents) on the wipe-off board on the fridge so we’d remember.

Tooth Fairy sucks at remembering

9. I read the note this morning, and call my husband. “Babe? Did (she) lose a tooth?” “Oh yeah! She did. Like, two weeks ago.” #fail

The “Tooth Fairy” is SO fired. Sheesh.

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