Remember 9/11? Sure. How About Remembering to Live, Too

by Lisa Douglas

Alright, so, I lied.

I told friends on Facebook that I couldn’t write about today’s tenth anniversary of 9/11 because the news coverage has been so stifling, so crippling to watch, it’s silenced my ability to be able to say anything at all. And it has – almost horribly so.

While I understand what the television networks are trying to do today (and all.this.week), I have to tell you, they’re failing miserably. They want to focus their memorial efforts on reliving that horrible day, bolstering ratings by showing “never before seen footage,” interviewing celebrities and everyone under the sun they think will draw in viewers, instead of focusing their memorial efforts on what they should be doing, and doing what I am going to do:

Remember the fallen by focusing on loving the living, and live for each day instead of watching it pass us by.

If 9/11 has taught us anything, it’s that tomorrow is never certain. One night you can be happily delving into the lotion-scented tummy of your baby, and the next, gripping your sofa with tears as you watch your world in chaos.

We can continue to relive that moment, in sadness and in pain, or we can learn from it, improve upon it’s horrific value in our lives, vowing to make sure we never let it happen again, and make sure that if tomorrow is our last, that we make each day count.

I will never forget those who were sacrificed ten years ago, but I don’t think they’d want us sad over their losses for forever, either. I know when I finally leave this Earth, I will want to be remembered, but not mourned for life’s eternity.

For today, and every day, I will overly cherish my family and friends, grateful for their presence in my life, in honor of what this country endured ten years ago. Today, my family is together. Fed. Happy. Almost healthy (Baby Dude has a fever.) Football-clad in Pittsburgh Steelers gear, ready for some football and good food.

Today I will not sweep 9/11’s memory under the rug, nor have I ever, but I refuse to let myself succumb to the pain of that day anymore, because agonizing over it isn’t going to change that it happened to us, it’s only going to sour the fact that

We. Are. Still. Alive.

Make today and everyday count, friends.
Volunteer to help your community.
Reach out to someone in need.
Donate to help others.
Invite that single soldier over for a meal this week, it may be the only home-cooked meal he sees.
Hug your children extra tight, and say a few more “I love you’s” for no reason, other than to make sure they know.
(Make sure you say the same to your spouse, too.)
Call your parents, for no other reason than to tell them how much you appreciate them.
Smile and hold open a door for a stranger.
Offer your child’s teacher some help at lunch-time (or anytime).

Do. Something. Spectacular.
And life-changing.
Take that leap.
Make a bucket list with your family (or yourself) and cross those things off.

Live life because you’ve still got yours.

And don’t ever, never forget them, but don’t forget those that remain, either.

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