Nesting and Happy Baby Mail

by Lisa Douglas

special baby mail

This weekend has been a flurry of wonderful weather, an excellent burst of energy, and lots and lots of nesting. It has felt marvelous to be on my feet all day (words you never thought you’d hear from a fully pregnant, ready-to-go-at-any-time, right?), and getting everything “ready” for this baby’s arrival. Slowly but surely I am getting everything situated the way it needs to be. The countdown is officially on, and now I consider myself “on the clock,” having guesstimated my “time” would be anywhere from the 20th to the 3rd.

My poor husband, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same energy and ‘second wind’ as I do, so I am seemingly taking his poor tired butt to the mat every night in exhaustion. He’s a trooper, though, because he knows it had been rough for me.

I am expecting tons of newborn cloth diaper fluff and detergents in the mail this week. I can’t wait to prep and wash and fold and ooh and coo over it all. Meanwhile, as I was stalking my poor mailman, I received a sweet, unexpected surprise from one of my readers, Kristie. She had posted to my Facebook wall she had something for my wee one. My heart soared when I saw this beautifully stitched-closed package in my mailbox.

special baby mail

It makes me yearn for a replacement sewing machine, just to create pretty fluffy things to send so I can sew them shut just like this. Gorgeous!

special baby mail

And then, once I carefully cut it open, the gasps and tear-filled eyes and oohs spilled out. I beamed and called out to my husband, “LOOK!!”

special baby mail

A gorgeous baby hat, inspired by this post/pin, good for either a boy OR a girl, because darling Kristie crocheted that gorgeous bow and placed it on a hair-clip for easy removal, so the hat can be used either way. Oh, I am so in love with the super-soft texture and overall yumminess of it. This has become our ‘take home’ hat and I cannot wait! Is it not wonderful? Thank you so much, Kristie!

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