37-38 Week Pregnant – The Bare Belly Edition

by Lisa Douglas

I didn’t even want to set foot outside the house yesterday, I just wanted to go back to sleep, or lay on my heating pad, or rest, somewhere, somehow comfortably. But I forced myself, without make-up or any real “trying” to go, simply out of curiosity to see where I was, progression and dilation-wise.

Today, I feel somewhat the same. While I did sleep okay last night (finally), I don’t feel like doing my usual Friday dress-up to take pictures of myself. It’s rainy and yuck outside, my husband’s home for a long, holiday weekend, and today I will only share the photos I took at yesterday’s appointment. Perhaps if I feel alright this weekend, I’ll take some, or add some. I know I have a pretty maternity dress that’s seen no love that I need to wear, and soon.

But, I did manage to get a bare belly photo of myself yesterday. I didn’t like how the gray-ish white Gap maternity shirt was looking on me for the side view, so I hiked it up and got a bare belly shot. Despite no make-up, I’m glad I did.

37-38 weeks pregnant belly picture

37-38 weeks bare belly pregnancy pic

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Baby bump progression thus far:

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