33-34 Weeks {Sonogram} Houston, We Have Feet!

by Lisa Douglas
Monday’s photo

I had a doctor’s appointment today, and the baby proved to be sufficiently stubborn on many levels. Firstly, we found out the baby is breech. Footling breech, to be exact, with a splash of transverse for good measure. Picture the baby chillin’ inside me like this:

So, the baby is not particularly playing nice at the moment. I’ve already been Googling and conferring with close friends, and it seems acupuncture, chiropractic care, and homeopathy are on deck to try, to include crazy upside-down embarrassment-inducing poses in attempts to flip the stubborn baby before next week’s appointment. If, the baby is not turned by next week, my doctor will then schedule me for an external version to turn the baby herself. I have heard about how painful this technique is, and so, I am more than willing to try anything before getting to that point. (Y’know?)

Secondly, as if the above wasn’t enough drama, the baby didn’t want to show it’s face during the sonogram. We saw lots of beating heart and kidney and spine action. We saw the top of the head (measuring big, oy!), and the bladder-kicking-future-soccer-playing feet, but no face, no profile, no hands. Also, the sonographer pointed out that the baby was being MORE THAN GENEROUS in trying to show us it’s ‘parts’ today. I may have noticed that, but really, with the baby flailing around, and body parts and organs of all kinds swirling around on-screen, I can’t really be sure of what I saw. (Or didn’t see, as it were. Ahem.)

Proving to be a difficult one, and he/she isn’t even here yet. Hmm..

I was able to find a place locally that offers 3D/4D ultrasounds, though. Hoping to get one done before we give birth, since the kids couldn’t come with today, anyway.

Doctor’s office pics

Otherwise, I’m feeling okay; a little beached-whale-ish, a little tired, and in desperate need to find a comfortable sleep position, but otherwise, I feel good. Just READY. Heh.

Baby bump progression thus far:

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