31 Weeks – The “It Took Me All Damn Day to Do This Post” Edition

by Lisa Douglas

It’s been a oddball day to say the least. I almost didn’t post this belly pic today. In fact, I’ve been wandering about, meandering through my house today in a strange, almost foul mood. Does that ever happen to you? Where it feels like a full moon, or something? Everything just is “off,” completely derailing your perfectly laid out plan for the day, where it’s inexplicably nonsensical and almost borderline comical?

It began with my pregnant butt springing out of bed to attention with a horrible Charley Horse in my right calf. I should’ve known right then today would be a weird one.

Throughout the day, during this episode of complete and utter ridiculousness, it left me all dressed up with no where to go, camera at the ready, wondering, “Should I? Should I post this today? Or should I steer clear of the internet for fear of breaking it, or something?”

And then the power went out. I kid you not! I think it was about that point I seriously contemplated hiding in a closet, or something.

I finally decided, though, when my husband got home, and life finally seemingly quieted down a little, that I would sneak into my master bathroom, snap a quick picture, and find a few silent moments of (what I thought might end up being) alone time to get this photo edited and up and posted. After he got home, it ended up turning into my battling myself (and my family) for over THREE HOURS just to attempt to stay seated in my chair long enough to accomplish said task. D’oh!

Lessons learned:

  1. If you’re having an “off” day – just don’t even freakin’ try. The plan is officially out the proverbial “window.”
  2. Your children and husband will come home inexplicably loud. As in, you hear entire conversations, both upstairs and outside, and can recite them back to them (and you do), with cat-like precision, when you reprimand them about their volume level.
  3. Listen to your instincts – go hide in the damn closet, woman.

If ever there were a time to say it, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY, YO!

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to find a corner of the closet I hope to occupy, with my coveted heating pad, until bedtime. Please don’t tell my kids I’m playing “hide and seek,” though. Okay?

Baby bump progression thus far:

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