Pinterest Finds – Things I Want to Try This Week

by Lisa Douglas
Having fun with Pinterest

I am a huge Pinterest addict! There is something so fascinating about being able to see what a post’s about before you click on it, isn’t there? Visually appealing photography of a subject, or something of great interest that draws you in, wanting to know more. I almost always have eleventy-billion tabs open just to check out the post, in detail, and see if it’s something worth pinning or bookmarking. I also do it, particularly as an online publisher myself, to make sure it’s attributed correctly, and goes to the proper link/website.

I am always inspired daily by things I find there. Like this, from Lolli of Better In Bulk. She solves my sock problem with this GENIUS solution:

Or this ingenious idea for helping to keep your refrigerator shelves clean, especially if you have (drippy) kids!

And THIS! THIS is genius for us. When trying to create our menu plan for the week, we often have trouble remembering all our dinners we like and cook. This sweet organizational tool is not just cute and adorable, but super-helpful, as it will help us create “cards” for each of our dinners with recipes on the back. I don’t plan on laminating mine, though, and I plan on using magnets instead, perhaps on a large cookie sheet, like this one and using recycled bottle caps into DIY magnets for days of the week? Or, maybe I can use magnetic paint on this frame?

*UPDATE* Here’s my DIY menu plan board here.

I am so excited to go shopping and get started working on these. Just writing up the list for the dinners alone was super-helpful in creating this week’s meal plan! Can’t wait to show you the finished product on my crafts!

My Tips for Using Pinterest:

  • When I find a pin I like, I “right click” and open it in a new window or tab to look at later, so I can continue scrolling through my Pinterest feed for interesting finds. I, then, go back to look at them later, checking out each link, bookmarking and pinning appropriately. Definitely go and check out each post, though, not only to give the person traffic for the interesting post you like, you DEFINITELY want to be sure you have the right bookmark/pin for later!
  • I create boards that are relevant to me and what I’m looking for, and, perhaps, helpful for others – such as home ideas, recipes, crafts, things that are fun for kids, etc. Change the titles of your boards to reflect more about you (titled in your own voice, like “Homemaking Awesomeness”) and don’t forget to categorize them appropriately!
  • When someone follows you, check their profile for things that interest you and follow each board individually, don’t “follow all” unless you love every board they have.
  • If you’re on Facebook, too, don’t forget you can go into your Pinterest settings to click the “Find Facebook Friends on Pinterest” button.

For more great Pinterest tips, check out Amy from Mom Advice and her tips on “How to be a Pinterest Superstar” or be ready for Kelby’s Pinterest for Dummies book slated for sale in April 2012. In the meantime, Kelby has a great board on Pinterest chock-filled with tips for using Pinterest you should check out and follow. 

Are you on Pinterest? Are we following one another? If don’t already have an account and you want to check it out, I’ll send you an invite!
Leave your Pinterest profile link below, and let’s find and follow some new, interesting people, shall we?

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