Weight and Fitness Truths

by Lisa Douglas

My front porch is my very favorite place to be lately. We planted wonderful smelling flowers, and the second the door is opened, the scent dances around your nose, inviting you to the porch to sit. I love it. I go outside with the kids everyday to embrace it. I think it helps motivate me to get out there and DO something everyday.

Yesterday I forgot to take my vitamins. I’m sure it’s not the vitamins fault, but yesterday was a NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY. I’ve never been so happy to see a Tuesday in my entire life. Also, what a good reminder to take ‘ em everyday.

Since being so inactive exercise-wise just before the baby was born (and for four weeks after), my back and neck have been so sore (old car crash injury, whiplash). Working out intensively on them now has made me even sore-er (yes, I made up a word for it). Life sucks for the time being, until it gets worked out properly, but it feels really good to be back at a fitness routine, and working out regularly again.

But I’m back at it. My fitness and weight loss and getting my body back after baby. It feels good, although sluggish. I feel slightly defeated, like I completely undid all the good I did over the past three years. That is, until I’m doing bicep curls and I still see the muscle definition I once built, I haven’t lost it, I just need to work off the baby fat over it.

And I am freaking ready.

Here’s a picture of me at the doctor’s office at four weeks postpartum. At this appointment, I was told my uterus wasn’t all the way down just yet.

The after-baby pooch still evident.

Here’s my new “before” or “after the baby” pictures – my starting point, sort-of. (Never took pictures when I started back at it, whoops.) Me as of this morning:


Definitely a change from four weeks ago, eh?


Currently, I’m on Day 4 of the 30 Day Shred, and doing the elliptical and power walks (with the toddlers in a jogger stroller and Baby V in my Beco). NOT EASY, but oh so fulfilling. We get fresh air AND time together, all while getting a workout. What more can you ask for? (Except maybe for a fat-zapper machine? Or a love-handle remover? Ahem.)

I’ll be sharing my updated weights and measurements on my weight loss accountability page. I’ve got 12 more pounds to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight (this go-around) but almost TWENTY FIVE to get to my “norm” after my big weight loss. Gulp.

Who wants to join me in Operation KMOA (Kick My Own Ass)? Follow my workout tweets with the hashtag #OpKMOA

I decided to start writing heartfully about something, anything and nothing on Tuesdays. I’ve coined it “Truth Tuesday.” Have something to share? Want to confess, or share a little itty bitty piece of yourself or someone else, no matter how small or how big? This week, I decided to write about my weight loss journey. I’ll leave whatever interpretation of truths you wish to share on yourself, but if you’d like a weekly prompt or have a suggestion for one, let me know. Want to join me? If you decide to share, leave your links in the comments.

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