Flashback Friday

by Lisa Douglas

TGIF, yo!

Every Friday I’m going to be featuring the old-school stuff you’d like to dust off and re-showcase to the world. Got something in your archives you’d like to show a little lovin’ to? Visit this page and enter your link with a brief description here to have it featured here on Flashback Fridays!

Each week I’ll have a topic that we can focus our old posts around, such as parenting, organization, funny stories, family vacations, recipes, even holiday themes as well. This week, since it’s our inaugural week, let’s break out whatever ya got to get this party started!


Hungry? Shana’s got a kick-ass Mediterranean Wrap recipe she wants to feed, err, share with you.

Need an easy breakfast on-the-go? Try my five-minute egg sandwich.

Thought-provoking posts:

Deb from Just Short of Crazy writes a wonderfully poignant post about facing your fears, taking the plunge, and pursuing your dreams.

Annie wants to know, would you rather a lazy husband, or a workaholic? (Good freakin’ question, huh?)

We’ve had some pretty important talks with the kids lately on what it means to be a friend and a sibling. Christine from From Dates to Diapers wrote this great post, “To Have A Friend, You Must First Be One” that speaks to me.

Candice shares the story of the day her husband lost his wedding ring.

Parenting posts:

Tara pens this heartbreaking post about how she tried and unsuccessfully breastfed her two children.

Are you expecting? Kadi from Our Seven Seeds offers some AWESOME and REAL “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” advice.

It’s graduation season, and Amy writes a beautiful letter to those of you young folks growing up and graduating soon.

Erin writes a gorgeous poem about the panic of being a parent.

Carissa shares the day she became a grown-up. (I still don’t think I’ve grown-up just yet.)

Money saving posts:

Are you a blogger looking to make money on your blog? Angela England from breaks it down for you on how to monetize your blog with affiliates.

Money-saving guru, Kelly from The Censible Life, shares her tips on how to save money on purchasing using your iPhone. Sweet!

Angela also shares her family’s journey to self-sufficiency.

Helpful tips posts:

If your child has to endure a tonsillectomy, Connie offers some great tonsillectomy tips.

Jill has a great idea for showcasing all of those lovely works of art from our children.

Speaking of the end of school, Julie from Just Precious fielded a reader question about what’s appropriate for teacher gifts.

Ever feel like experimenting with your eye make-up? Angela England, editor-in-chief of Blissfully Domestic shares some outrageous eye make-up designs.

Tania, the diva behind the all-natural website Pure Natural Diva, dishes her take on whether our love of Orange Juice is safe or healthy.

Do you have a post you’d like to share, too? Leave a post in the comments this week, something you’d like to dust off. To be linked in for round-ups, please fill out this form to be included into upcoming Flashback Fridays. Here’s the upcoming schedule for June:

June 1st – Summer (Give me your best summer-related posts, recipes, boredom busters, etc.)

June 8th – Crafts (Showcase your favorite craft projects in the past)

June 15th – Humor (Bring out the funny stories, pictures, you name it!)

June 22nd – Memories (Have you written about a special memory in the past? Or making memories with your kids?)

June 29th – Vacation (Break out the vacation stories and pictures, let’s see ’em!)

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