Family Friendly Co-Play with Kids – Choosing Teamwork Over Competition

While my children are active in playing sports, I don’t want everything in life to be a competition. Not everything has to be a fight for who takes first place, who gets the most points, who has the most money at the end of the game. I want my children to play cooperatively as well as competitively, and we achieve that by also enjoying “co-play” kinds of activities.

“Co-play” activities are similar to teamwork-type activities – building things together, baking things together, coloring, crafts, going out and about in the world, spending quality time, and experiencing events and playing games in a non-competitive, encouraging type of way.

What ways do you spend time with your kids? We enjoy putting together puzzles, drawing, reading books together, jumping on our trampoline, riding bikes and we’ve been known to enjoy an online game or two. Ever play those online hidden objects games, or word-scramble games? We love those so ridiculously much.

Do you play online games with your kids, too? Which ones do you play together? (We’d love to hear some of your tried and true recommendations!)

Recently I was introduced to playing Webkinz Friends online. This is an expansion from the original which now allows older children, teens and adults get in on the Webkinz world.

My kids have had a couple of their furry pets, and have played Webkinz themselves online using their codes.
webkinz kidsWhen a child receives a Webkinz stuffed animal, they get to “enable” it online, making it come “alive” virtually online with their code, and do fun activities “raising” their pet while completing tasks, going on adventures, etc., in Webkinz World. (Notable to mention, Webkinz World now allows you to set up a free account to play, even without a stuffed animal!)webkinz world screenshotWith Webkinz Friends, you can play for free with a Facebook account. What’s cool about this is, not only can an older child/teenager or adult play this game now with or without the little ones, but you can earn prizes for a child with a Webkinz account, just for playing. And it can even be done secretly as a surprise! More ways to co-play, sweet!

Here’s a screenshot of the new Webkinz Friends game. Looks cool, huh?

webkinz friends screenshot

Look out for Webkinz Friends to be released onto iPads soon, too!

Win it!

What ways do you have fun with your children? Leave me a comment with your answer to be entered to win one Webkinz Rockerz pet (shown below). Aren’t they cute?

webkinz rockerz
For extra entries, share this post on Twitter using the hashtag #WebkinzFriends and leave me a comment for each share. You can share on Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and more, too, but leave a comment for each.

Winner will be chosen via Contest ends Thursday, July 26th at 10pm CST.


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