Flashback Friday – Fitspirational Posts, Sites and Bloggers for Fitness Inspiration

by Lisa Douglas

Happy TGIF!

I’ve been working pretty hard to try to get back into shape after having a baby, and I thought I might showcase some of the websites, pictures, and posts I use as “Fitspiration.”

Firstly, in front of my elliptical is a my inspiration/motivation tack board. I have a few cutesy things from my kids, a few trinkets tacked up to stare at daily, but also cut-out motivational phrases and posters. On it I have the following:

weight loss fitness inspiration
weight loss fitness inspiration
weight loss inspiration


I also have a few quickie workouts posted, like this

weight loss fitness inspiration


On my Mac I use the “Stickies” app to keep track my workouts, and it looks like this:

weekly workouts

Those workouts listed above can be found here:

My favorite people/blogs/sites include the following:

http://self.com/<– I love their workouts. LOVE.

http://fitfluential.com/ <– Bunch of fitness-loving people who inspire everyday. Follow them on Twitter using hashtag #fitfluential.

http://mizfitonline.com/ <– Carla I met at Type-A in 2010, and I’ve had a girly fitness crush ever since. She motivates me to NO END and I want to be her when I grow up.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

http://shrinkingjeans.net/ <– These ladies (and gents) are WONDERFUL and have helped me over weight loss plateaus with their wonderful group challenges like no other. I wholly attribute my success to them, and am excited to see their recent launch of shrinkingkitchen.com

http://www.reneejross.net/ <– Renee and I have worked our asses off (literally) almost side-by-side since 2009, fighting the good fight to get fit and fabulous. I love reading about what she’s up to, and cheering her on. Currently, she’s training for the Marine Corp Marathon.

http://www.mamavation.com/ <– Leah is a good friend and fabulous weight loss mentor. She is battling childhood obesity one family at a time, and moving mountains to help anyone who asks.
http://www.fitmomintraining.com/ <– Stephanie just had a baby around the same time I did, and I aspire to kick ass the way she does. She’s already lost her baby weight and she motivates me to do the same.

http://katierunsthis.com/ <– Katie is a bad mamma-jamma runner who also gave birth recently. She even ran a freakin’ triathlon at 26 weeks pregnant, holy crap! She’s currently moving from Baton Rouge to South Carolina to begin her dream career as a race coaching and management.

What do you do to stay motivated? Do you subscribe to emails? Have motivational posters around your workout equipment, or follow your favorite sites on social media?

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