Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 5

by Lisa Douglas

Day 4 may have been my kids’ favorite yet. I’m not 100% sure, I didn’t come right out and ask which was their favorite yet (planned to tonight after they got home), but each and every one of them could not stop raving about their Pizzadillas and how cool they were.

Recall, we had to switch to Pizzadillas instead of subs, because someone ate all the ham, right? Well, we got ham. And I fried up some turkey bacon for breakfast egg rolls (recipe forthcoming!) while I was preparing Beef Stroganoff for dinner, and I used some of the excess bacon for their sub sandwiches today.

Mmm, bacon. Cool, right?

Today’s menu consists of sub sandwiches, “Ants on a Log,” pretzels and string cheese, but since it’s Friday and we had leftovers of items from throughout the week, we let them pick what they wanted. Consider it a “best hits” kind of lunch, a Smörgåsbord of awesome.

First up is my oldest son’s lunch. He put everything and its mother on his sandwich, decided to partake in some leftover mini-quiches, and added pretzels, mozzarella, and some “Ants on a Log.”

sub sandwich bento lunch with quiche

Then there’s my daughter, who loves my Beef Stroganoff so much, she wanted the meat and gravy on a sub sandwich. Yummy idea! Coupled her awesomewich with “Ants on a Log” alongside a cheesestick and called it a day.

sub sandwich bento with beef stroganoff

My eight-year-old couldn’t decide, so he opted for everyfrigginthing – crackers, cheese, granola bar, raisins, natural fruit roll-up, cucumbers (his favorite if you couldn’t tell) to go with his turkey, bacon and ham sub sandwich.

sub sandwich bento

Lastly, my kindergartner. Oh, my dear sweet kindergartner. She went with another sandwich like yesterday, and wanted a little bit of everything herself. She chose a fruit roll-up, raisins, granola bar, chips and a PANCAKE WITH SYRUP. (Yup, that’s a cut-up pancake. She was upset I’d packed her a pancake yesterday without her beloved syrup, so she strong-armed me into remedying that for her pronto.)

We batch-made pancakes some for breakfast the other night (yes, the night before. We prepare most breakfasts the night before so that we are more efficient in the mornings). She loves pancakes so much, she ate three before she went to bed last night, too. It’s an obsession.

baby sub sandwich bento

Whew, our first week has wrapped up tackling Operation Awesome School Lunch and we’re off to a fabulous start, don’tcha think?

What’s the weirdest thing your kids ever asked you to make them for lunch?

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