Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 4

by Lisa Douglas

Day 3 went over like gangbusters, if I do say so myself. So much so, I’ve created my shiny new Operation Awesome School Lunch page, where I’m going to be adding my lunch creations daily, Monday to Friday.

After polling the kids, Day 3 offered plenty of food and was tasty for all. Except for my new kindergartner, who wasn’t able to eat lunch with mommy, because I had to stay home with my Baby Dude who had a tummy “thing.” As a result, I wasn’t able to help my kindergartner fetch the water she left behind in her classroom. She’s not a good eater when there’s nothing to wash it down with 🙁

Mommy guilt, I haz it.

Day 4’s menu got flipped a little. Originally, we were supposed to do subs today. However, someone’s been horking all the ham, and so there was only turkey for “sub” sandwiches, and that’s now how we roll. (Ha, get it? Roll? Subs? Ah, dangit.)

Instead, I made Pizzadillas.

What is that, you say?

A Pizzadilla is a quesadilla with pizza ingredients. You can really let yourself go, here, and make some wonderfully delicious concoctions (and fast, too!), but for today we chose pepperoni.

Just lay down your tortilla shell, using a spoon, layer the sauce, the mozzerella cheese, and then whatever toppings you’d like. You can choose to fold it in half, or place another tortilla on top, it works well both ways.

We served pizzadillas with a salad and leftover homemade baked macaroni and cheese, serving it with garlic bread and applesauce in a cup for dessert (not pictured).

pizzadilla and salad bento

My eight-year-old opted to forego the salad and macaroni and cheese (insert mom’s shocked face here, this kid LOVES my mac and cheese!!), and go with some california veggies and more cucumbers instead. (I think this kid would live on cucumbers if I let him.) Also, instead of applesauce, he wanted some organic fruit snacks. He’s cute, so how could I say no.

pizzadilla and veggies bento

My kindergartner didn’t understand the whole pizza + quesadilla thing I was trying to sell her, so she opted for some of her “cute bread” I bought her from the day-old rack at Walmart. You know, the stuff that they mark down because of their sell-by date? I got three different types of rolls for sub day this week (also for sandwiches this weekend), plus some awesome breadsticks I froze, for when they have pasta. All for less than $5. Score!

small turkey sub sandwich bento

I totally forgot to share this yesterday, but Baby Dude wanted his own “cute lunch,” and so I made him some rolled up turkey, peanut butter crackers, all-natural yogurt, and string cheeses. One was supposed to be for his sister as a surprise, but he ate both of them. Little pigger.

toddler bento lunch

Don’t forget to pin or bookmark my Operation Awesome School Lunch page! Plus I’m still looking for ideas, and I’d love to see and hear what you’re up to, too!

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