Taking Time For ME, the TGIF Version {Video}

by Lisa Douglas


(I don’t think that comes as much of a surprise. Ahem.)

Friday already started a little.. odd.. for me. See the video for more details on how my Friday could’ve gone VERY, VERY WRONG (but thankfully didn’t, because I *chose* to not let it ruin my day).

Today I’m wearing makeup, I’ve done my hair, lotion, leave-in conditioner, and it’s AMAZING how you feel like a million bucks and ready to take on the world, even if your infant is currently fussy and pooping on your lap o_O

I’m wearing my favoritest nursing top I purchased many months ago from Milk Nursingwear that I lovelovelove because it helps me to nurse in confidence with its secret nursing panels. (No, this isn’t a review or sponsored post, this is me declaring my love for their sneaky nursing panels that make me look awesome and nurse like a champ).

I’m wearing (unfortunately discontinued) Old Navy black pants, the silk flower barrette is from Hobby Lobby, my teething necklace was a gift from my friend, Kristie, my shoes are Women’s Mossimo® Vitia Snip-Toe Bow Flats in Black from Target, and my lovely red wine lipstick is my favoritestfavoritest from Mary Kay called “Currant” (that’s also discontinued). {cue sobbing here}

lisa fashion dork

And the real “me” version of this, as the dork that I am, because I’m awfully uncomfortable at having my picture taken (particularly when my four-year-old is the one doing it.)

lisa fashion dork

What are your favorite things to wear? What do YOU do to make yourself feel happy? Do you take time out of your day for YOU everyday? What do you do?

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