Gift Ideas for the Crazy Family (Like Us)

If you’re anything like our family, and you suddenly realize its 12/12/12 with 12 days until Christmas (WHOA, HOLY 12’s, BATMAN), you might be scrambling a little at the moment. You’re also probably wondering if you have enough time to make it all magically happen, and you’re probably afraid and unsure what to get those crazy offspring that live under your roof.

Fear not, dear friends! I have been keeping my eyes peeled, and even though I might be tipping my hand at what I’m getting for my family, I simply have to share the awesomeness that I have found (and bookmarked) with you.

For the Eco-Minded

I came across on Pinterest, and I could literally ask for one of everything from their store. Look at these fabulously upcycled items (that I have added to my “Stuff I Adore” Pinterest board in hopes that my husband will get me some. Or all. Ahem.)

hipcycle on Facebook hipcycle on Twitter

Look at this Vinyl Record Clock. ZOMG! I want this SO BADLY!!

And then there’s this awesomeness, a Large Flip-Flop Doormat. Yes, made of flip-flops!! How fun and playful is this?
Speaking of Vinyl Records, check out this vinyl record bracelet! Dude!!

For the Etsy Lovers

I love etsy. Love love love etsy. I have a few favorites I’d like to share with you (and please, if you have some etsy favorites, leave their links in the comments below, I love favoriting and finding new shops!)

Little Sidekick

This etsy shopped serves up adorableness in the form of toys and gifts for kids. She came to my rescue when the stolen own incident happened, and I have been in lust since.

littlesidekick on Facebook littlesidekick on Twitter

We have this baby rattle, and Baby V adores it.

For the Bookworms

The etsy store, Bookish Charm, has adorable book-related jewelry, baubles, and trinkets galore. You will find something for everybody.
bookishcharm on Twitter

This etsy store, MyBookmark, has the most UNUSUAL and AWESOME bookmarks imaginable. You must check them out!
mybookmark on Facebook

This etsy store, Out of the Blue, has some gorgeous jewelry made from book pages.

outoftheblue on Facebook outoftheblue on Twitter

For the “Pretty Things” Lovers

Nest of Posies

Love her flowers and scarves! I’m also hoping for one of her embellished bags some day *cough husband cough*

nestofposies on Facebook nestofposies on Twitter nestofposies on Pinterest

Gussy Sews

If you’re a ruffle lover, you are going to love her shop. Oh, my! Her stuff is gorgeous. You simply must take a peek!

gussysews on Facebook gussysews on Twitter gussysews on Pinterest

For the Adventurous Older Kids

Heelys new override athletic shoeNew Heelys Athletic Shoes “Override” are the newest kind of Heelys that merge athletic shoe with skates. Heelys are a super-durable shoe we absolutely adore and purchase year after year for our children, and I love this new styling to them, almost cleat-ish. Cool, huh?

heelys on Facebook heelys on Twitter heelys on YouTube

Rockboard Radiate skateboardRockboard’s Radiate Skateboard is a skateboard that lights up using LED lights. DUDE! This is such a ridiculously cool idea for your child, pre-teen, or teenager. It’s like a disco party on a skateboard, yo!

rockboard on Facebook rockboard on Twitter rockboard on YouTube

Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz

My kids love Ridemakerz cars so much. We buy them pieces to their cars every year, and have purchased additional cars for the younger ones, too. I am LOVING this new line they’ve added, to include the Dodge Viper, Chevy Corvette, or “hero vehicles Spiderman and Batman cars they can create and customize.
xtremecustomz on Facebook
Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz

For the Gamers

Nintendo Wii-U Deluxe Edition
Not only is the Wii-U the can’t miss game system on the market, but it’s got some kick-ass extras on the Deluxe Edition you won’t want to miss. By paying an extra $50 for the Deluxe, you get a game to start off with, quadruple the storage of the Basic, plus three additional accessories, too: the GamePad Stand, GamePad Cradle, and Console Stand.

For the Droolers

3 Sprouts Bin
I love these. Loooooooove these. They come in many animals – bear, hippo, fox, squirrel. But I have a thing for owls.

3 sprouts on Facebook 3 sprouts on Twitter

Tiny Love Princess Stroll / Sunny Stroll

I am a huge fan of their products, and this “stroll” by Tiny Love is pretty spectacular. It clamps on to everything – stroller, car seat, high chair – and keeps your child happy with toys to play with that won’t fall down. It also bends to reach your child, or to conform to whatever it’s attached to. Brilliant!

TinyLove on Facebook TinyLove on Twitter TinyLove on YouTube

Green Sprouts

These green toys provide a BPA-free way for your kids to play and have fun, and be safe while doing it. I happily scooped up a set of these for Baby V for under the tree.

iplay on Facebook iplay on Twitter iplay on Pinterest

What do you think of my choices? Did I help you in any way find something to get for your loved ones, too?

*Please note: While I do hold a professional relationship with a couple of the brands shown above, and was sent a couple items above for review, I did not do this list for profit. I did this list to share the love of their products and to show appreciation for them and other brands/stores I find particularly interesting and awesome. Having a professional relationship or no does not affect my opinion of a brand or product. In fact, the reason I have a professional relationship with them is because of the fondness I have for their brand, not vice-versa.


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