Chic and Stylish Prêt à Paquet Lunch Containers are AWESOME!

by Lisa Douglas

In honor of my Operation Awesome School Lunch page, Prêt à Paquet sent me samples of their containers to try out and use for our to-go school lunches. My children have been using them religiously for the past two months, and I have to tell you, we love these things!

Prêt à Paquet lunch to go kit

These Lunch To Go containers include an adorably stylish pink chevron striped or blue/black striped neoprene sleeve.

Prêt à Paquet neoprene

The Prêt à Paquet salad container is nicely sized and pretty handy as the dressing container is built right into the lid! (It holds a good amount of dressing, too!)

Prêt à Paquet saladPrêt à Paquet salad capPrêt à Paquet salad container top

The Prêt à Paquet Sandwich To Go Kit holds a little more than just a sandwich (as you can see). It is PERFECT for Baby Dude’s lunch.

Prêt à Paquet sandwich to go kit

I have also found an easy way to store all the neoprene sleeves.

Prêt à Paquet sleeves storage

The thing I think I love the most about these containers is that they snap shut perfectly. The snaps fit over onto the container, so it’s fool-proof as well as leak-proof.

Prêt à Paquet snap

Here’s just a few samples of the lunches we’ve packed over the past few months:

school lunch ideas chili dogs school lunch ideas crescent dogs cheese school lunch ideas crescent dogs school lunch ideas enchiladas school-lunch-ideas-spaghetti-sausage-veggies school lunch ideas spaghetti sausage school lunch ideas taquitos

See how much you can fit in those things? Awesome, huh?

If you’re interested in checking them out, Prêt à Paquet is available at and

Don’t forget to bookmark my Operation Awesome School Lunch page! 🙂

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