Hulk Mom Breaks Again – Thank Goodness for Grills

by Lisa Douglas

Soooooo, remember how I just said I grill everything? I couldn’t wait to share more fun, grilling posts with you, to include grilling our dinner earlier this week which consisted of grilled chicken patties, chicken nuggets, breaded cod, and fries.

grilling chicken nuggets and friesSO YUM! The grill really adds a crisp smoky-ness to it, and it’s too delicious, we keep finding new things to grill on there? Last night we grilled onion rings, today’s lunch (shown below) was grilled, too.

corn dogs on the grillWell, it’s a good thing we’re in such a grilling mood, because this HULK SMASH MOM JUST BROKE THE OVEN DOOR GLASS LIKE A BOSS. *le sigh*

Me and my Hulk-like skills threw a plastic cup off the table in a hissy-fit (don’t ask, I’m Italian), and HEY, WHADDYAKNOW, plastic can break glass. WHO KNEW, AMIRITE?

*hangs head in shame*

broken oven glass collageThank goodness the part is an easy find, and even easier replacement.

But seriously – first my iPhone got splashed by a water balloon last week (it’s fine). Then, I broke the oven door glass. This morning, my MacBook didn’t start properly, and this was what I saw:

macbook pro startup safe modePlease, for the love of coffee, don’t let anything else go wrong.

*knocks on wood*

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