DIY Felt Embellished Flip Flops Craft Tutorial

by Lisa Douglas

diy felt embellished flip flopsLast week, you saw my yarn-tied embellished flip flops tutorial for my daughter. I’m so happy to share with you this new DIY felt embellished flip flops craft – aren’t they just ridiculously cute and adorable? My GOSH I have a lot of felt left over, too, I think I’ll be creating some cute accessories for this for back-to-school! 🙂

To start, you need:

  • set of flip flops, color of your choice
  • felt that matches, but is also contrasting
  • flowers or other embellishment, with or without a clip
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks (I used glittery glue sticks)

diy felt embellished flip flops suppliesTo start, cut strips from the felt that are a tad longer than the thong straps themselves. You’ll want a little extra room on the outsides of the straps to make it easier to glue the strips together. Be sure to cut all your strips before you start to make it easier, and have your supplies ready and on hand.

cut felt stripsLine up a felt strip to the underside of the strap, pushing it as far down as it will go, keeping it flat. Glue the strap to the felt all the way up, clipping the excess at the top.

glue felt onto flip flopCover the top part of the strap in a similar fashion, gluing it to the flap, too, and clip the excess at the top. Once glued and clipped, repeat the previous two parts for the other straps on that sandal.

felt glued on top of flip flop strapsYou’ll want to clip the felt found at the base of the sandal at an angle, so that it matches the shape of the strap.

clip felt for flip flopsHot glue your felt ends together with the hot glue (this is why I used glittery glue, to give it a little decoration). Carefully glue and press all the way up to seal it.

glue edges togetherFrom the excess clipped off, clip a small square that covers the top, but isn’t too big. This square will get glued to your flower embellishment.

felt square for flip flop embellishmentAffix this square to your flower embellishment (you’ll see mine has a clip). Glue the square to the flower, and glue the square to your sandal.

glue felt square for feather clasp onto flip flopRepeat the above steps on the other sandal.

prep materials to make felt flip flopsTa-da! You’re done! Hooray!

diy felt embellished flip flops closeupAren’t these fantastic and fun?

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