Moms’ Night Out Movie – Parents of All Kinds MUST See

by Lisa Douglas

I planned this whole big “Moms’ Night Out” with my San Antonio blogging friends. We were going to view the free pre-screening of the new Moms’ Night Out movie at the Regal theatre at 7pm, but meet for drinks at the Perico’s Grill next door at 5:30. I organized this get together for Maria with Mom Select and I took this opportunity to spoil my blogging friends a bit, so I purchased and assembled some spa treats for the girls attending. (Thanks, Maria!)

Moms' Night Out presents Moms' Night Out goodies

See that chalkboard in the front there? I brought it along so we could share our reasons for needing a Mom’s Night Out. Here’s what we had to say:

I needed a Moms’ Night Out because the much-needed girl talk was fun. (Plus, a couple hours off from parenting eleventy-billion kids felt like a vacation!)
I need a Moms Night Out because..

Lori needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Lori needs a Moms Night Out because she stays at home with 4 kids!
Lora needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Lora needs a moms night out because her kids need daddy time, too!
Kristina needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Kristina needs a Moms Night Out because she really needed a drink!
Lisa needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Lisa needs a Moms Night Out because she lives in a house with ALL BOYS!
Sara needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Sara needs a Moms Night Out because she did WAY too many dishes today!
Stacy needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Stacy needs a Moms Night Out because  it's been FAR too long (can you relate?)
Adriana needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Adriana needs a Moms Night Out because  she's a mess! (I can relate!)
Felicia needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Felicia needs a Moms Night Out because  sometimes she doesn't know what day it is!
Deborah needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Deborah needs a Moms Night Out because she only has 3 brain cells left and 2 of them are busy learning the ABC's.
Lisa needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Lisa P needs a Moms Night Out because she's a homeschooling mom as a homeschooling mom that craves grown up time and hanging with people who already know their ABCs.
Tyesha needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Tyesha needs a Moms Night Out because I need plenty of laughs to take away all the stress of everyday life.
Michelle needed a Moms’ Night Out because..
Michelle needs a Moms Night Out because I don't want to get 'stress paralyzed'! (Haha, yes! Great line from the movie!)

Food and drinks and GIRL TIME before the movie was a blast, I’m so glad we had time to chit-chat and unwind. The heart-opening talks we had before the movie really opened us up. I expected to commiserate with my fellow San Antonio moms, but I was surprised on the level of commiseration – we were oh so very much alike, far more than I expected. Little did I know my expectations for this evening were going to surpass what I’d originally thought, let alone surprise me.

drinks with friends at Moms Night OutUpon leaving the restaurant and finding a seat altogether in the second row of the theatre’s middle level, two guys walked in with arms brimming with popcorn and fountain drinks for their companions. They were joking amongst themselves in their heavy Southern drawls just as they spotted where their friends were – just above us. “Hey, now – we weren’t told this was a ‘MOMS’ NIGHT OUT’ or anything! We’re feeling a little embarrassed!”

Everyone giggled. It was meant to be a comedic moment, even if they were only half-joking. I expected that guys would get the wrong idea about this movie, and immediately think it was for women only given the title, but it’s not. It’s for ALL parents of ALL kinds, young and old, because we’ve all “been there” and “done that” and we can all appreciate the crayon-on-the-walls and “you stuck your hand WHERE?” crazy moments.

What I didn’t expect was the sweet little goodie bag upon entering filled with cute, branded items.

Moms' Night Out movie bag o' goodiesI didn’t expect to find that the main character, Allyson (played by Sarah Drew), was a MOM BLOGGER (hello!) who, on top of stressing out over life, was stressing out over how to get the stories she had to tell in her head out through her fingers and onto her keyboard (something I can completely relate to). My gosh, I may have squealed, even if only silently. YESYESYES!

I didn’t expect the “a-ha” moment from the film towards the end to hit me like a brick wall with righteous truth, when everything’s gone as wrong as it could, and when a character named Bones (played by Trace Adkins) lays it down for Allyson in a funny, yet deeply sincere kind of way. Tears were had by all.

I didn’t expect to need tissues (both from laughing-til-crying, and from crying from the heart-warming story)! OMG! I came home five pounds lighter, simply from all the abdominal work.

I didn’t expect the movie to have a faith basis to it; it was very slight and well-handled, and it was a welcomed sight whether you’re religious or no, because, just as the movie was, it was relatable. Even if you aren’t Christian, you could easily insert-your-diety-here to have it apply to your circumstance, because we have ALL been there and wishing to our God/s for help, for assistance, for clarity, for peace.. you know?

Lastly, I didn’t expect to fall in love with this movie as hard as I did, to cry with laughter and with joy as much as I did and I certainly I didn’t expect to be as thankful as I was upon leaving. Thankful for the renewed outlook, thankful for the cast portraying these roles as brilliantly as they did, thankful for those precious few hours of fun and calm and reassurance that I’m not alone out there, thankful that all the constant self-doubt swirling in my head isn’t odd, or unnatural, or ‘not normal’ and it was expertly portrayed on screen.

Please, make plans to see this movie when it opens Mother’s Day weekend on May 9th, whether with girlfriends, parents, friends, with your spouse or your families (yes, it’s family-friendly), or alone. But make a night of it – go out to dinner beforehand, to give yourself the night off from dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and dining room, use the restroom BEFORE you enter the theatre, because full bladders + laughing so hard = unexpected bathroom trips during the movie (and you don’t want to miss a single second!), and be sure to bring tissues. (Especially if you’re wearing makeup.)

This movie is 1000% percent CAN’T MISS.

Here’s the (most of us) group shot – a few had to leave before we had a chance to get us all in there.

San Antonio bloggers see Moms' Night Out movie

P.S. I also had one last surprise for the San Antonio bloggers in attendance.. Sean Astin recorded a video for them to say “Thanks” for screening his new movie. How cool is he for doing this?

What do you think? Is this a movie you think you’ll want to see with someone? Who would you take? And, if you’re a mom, what is YOUR reason for needing a Moms’ Night Out?

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