Baby V Learned to Swim! (Kinda)

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of joining other San Antonio bloggers for a pool party! Baby V is such a water baby, but she’s been pretty dependent on one of us because of her inability to control her lifevest and stay afloat… until now. Yesterday, she learned to swim! (Kinda.)

pool partyWe’d purchased her a new floaty, but it wasn’t good enough to hold her weight, even though she fit their requirements. We decided to give her Baby Sis’ floaty instead, tightening it to fit her baby body, just to see how she would do…

new floaty from Baby SisShe adorably floundered a little bit initially, but she got it eventually! The look on her face here as she navigated the new floaty and her attempts at newfound water independence says it all.

Baby V learning to swimBaby V smiling and learning to swim

Here she is, swimming AND playing with a beach ball.

Hooray for swimming babies! (I just wish I would’ve had more space in my iPhone to get more on video for you!)


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