Happiness is ______ {2014-W49} #happinessis

We spent 52 weeks in 2013 celebrating what made us happy, and it WAS a fantastic year. Let’s make 2014 the year where we really truly focus on surrounding ourselves with only joy and happiness all year round, every month, every week, every day. Tell me, what makes you happy? What is it that you do that you can’t get enough of? What makes your soul shine, your eyes beam, and your insides sparkle?Happiness is so very many things for me, and every Wednesday I plan on sharing my answer here with you, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can join us and follow along by using the hashtag #happinessis on Twitter and Instagram.

I finally started feeling better, so we decided to finally put up our tree. The baby was VERY into it, and has done a great job not destroying this year. (Yay for not having to wrap the tree in a baby gate!) She was a huge help in hanging the ornaments.

hanging ornamentsDaddy even let her place the tree topper!

adding the tree topperI felt so good, I baked cake mix cookies for the kids! (So ridiculously good.)

Cake Mix Cookies ready to frostAnd, amidst the crazy amount of boxes arriving daily, one of which was a special gift to me for the holiday from Aveeno. How wonderful are they? <3

Holiday gift from AveenoBaby Sis had a project for class – create a three-dimensional robot out of recyclables. He was HUGE (the size of Baby V). What do you think?

Recyclable robotAnother gift arrived for me – my secret santa gift! I baked cupcakes in these cupcake liners already, and LOVE THEM!!

secret santa giftsWhat about you? What is happiness for you? Leave a message of happiness or a link in the comments below to a blog post, Instagram photo, Twitter or Facebook update. You’re more than welcome to keep coming back to leave more links to share, and don’t forget to click on a couple and like, retweet, and share the love and happiness with others, too 🙂

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