How to Make Paper Rosettes: Beautiful Paper Rosette Wall Decor

A few weeks ago, I joined a wonderful DIY community called “White Walls” for military wives who are looking for decoration inspiration to dress up our drab “white walls” in our military housing. Not all military housing communities are allowed to paint the interior of their homes, which leaves us coming up with creative ways to decorate our homes despite the lack of wall color. This community = seriously amazingness and brilliance.

In my travels through the beautifulness and ultra-inspiration I’ve found there, I came across a lovely military wife named April I’m proud to call my new, brilliant friend. She was sharing something she’d just purchased, and was disappointed with, and asked our thoughts about whether it could become a front door wreath, as she’d originally intended. Not a single member of our group could see the purchase because we were all too busy losing our #$%^&!!  minds over her wall decor behind the item. Check it why:

paper rosette wall decor in the backgroundI mean, WHOA! Can you see why we were all freaking out now? Because that is GORGEOUS!

She went on to explain that she’s OBSESSED with making these paper rosette wall decor pieces. In fact, while shooting images for this tutorial, she decided spur of the moment to make another! “This is your fault” she messages me, with her stove covered in gorgeous paper rosettes. I laughed. I don’t blame her, though. I want decorate with rosettes on ALL THE THINGS with this tutorial, as she has. I hope you’ll join me, because WHOA, these are stunning!

April's familyHere’s April’s guest post, I hope you love her as much as I do!

Hey everyone!! My name is April, and I’ve been married to my Army husband, Toby, for 10 years. I’m a craft-loving, homeschooling, stay-at-home mom of three (with all the crazy extracurricular activities that go along with the chaos). I’m an out of practice dietician who’s into animal rescue. In addition to making rosettes and being crafty, I consider myself very outdoorsy and love to do yard work. My favorite pastime is putting on my coveralls and boots and wandering the woods with my dogs.

I hope you’ll love making these paper rosettes as much as I have!

How to Make Paper Rosettes for a Paper Rosette Wall Decor PieceHere’s what you’ll need to create these crazy awesome paper rosettes for your own wall hanging:

Supplies needed:
-12×12 cardstock
-a hot glue gun
-a board of some sort – you can use anything sturdy enough, that can be glued upon, but do not poster board*
-buttons (optional)
-doilies (optional)

*To make a board of paper rosettes, you can use almost anything, as long as it’s solid and can hold the weight of all the rosettes (and they can get heavy, depending upon how many you’ve added). I do NOT recommend poster boards. You can create large wall pieces by piecing smaller ones together, if you desire. I have used a thick foam board, and my large piece is done on two different poster frames.

To make a paper rosette:

1. Decide what size of a rosette you’d like to make. With one 12×12 piece of cardstock, you can cut it in half and make two 6″ rosettes. With two 12×12 pieces, you can make a 12″ rosette. With four 12×12 papers, you make a one BIG 24″ rosette. In general the width of a piece of paper equates the size of the circle. Alternating sizes and decorative paper styles look best. Usually I fold the whole 12×12 sheet to save time, then cut them down. For the really small rosettes, I cut a long strip then fold (I use these as fillers).

2. Fold paper like a fan. The wider the fold, the bulkier the piece; the smaller the fold the more it stretches and is bigger, and lays flat. I prefer a mix of both for texture’s sake.

folding paper for rosettes

3. Fold together the side making a crease that will be glued. I marked where you glue in the picture. (If you want a border, just fold the sides up using double sided paper as I did here.)

where to glue your folded rosettes

4. Repeat other side, hot gluing both sides. You can also use tape, but I prefer hot glue.

paper rosettes with edging glued together

5. Glue the folds and hold together to keep it from popping open like an accordion. (I do both sides.)

paper rosettes with edging glued together

6. Add (optional) embellishments if desired, I prefer buttons, because I have loads of them, and I think they add a nice touch. You can also stack smaller rosettes onto larger ones for a nice layered look. Or, do both!

paper rosette with embellishments

7. Continue to make different size rosettes in different colors with and without borders or embellishments. As you make them, place them on the board in random order, I try to leave no space between them so you won’t see the background. Continue making rosettes in all sizes until you’ve filled the board. Once you’re satisfied, you can glue them into place carefully. You really have to work with them and hold random sections to get them to glue together. Be patient, grasshopper.

DIY Paper Rosette Wall Decor

8. Depending upon the board you chose to use, be sure to secure the mounting well and use strong string, doubled up, or it’ll break once hung. (Mine broke once, so I’ve learned now to double up!)

I have them randomly in my house and can’t help but to include them in most party decorations, too.

Paper Rosette Wall Decor and Party Decorations

Heck, I’m so obsessed, I even used them for an ugly party sweater, too! I had glued hair pins on the back and had them hooked onto the sweater so they’d stay on. (And, yes, that’s battery-operated Christmas lights on there!)

Paper rosettes with Christmas lights for an Ugly Sweater Party

I hope you enjoy making rosettes as much as I do! I’d love to see what you come up with!

– Guest post by April.


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