Wrinkles Be Gone, Yo with Jouviance Anti-Aging at CVS #BonjourJouviance

by Lisa Douglas

This is a sponsored post to share the awesomeness of Jouviance anti-aging from The Women Bloggers,
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See that girl right there?

dorky lisa without Jouviance anti-agingThat’s me a only five or six years ago, smiling like a fool, without a care in the world. I was a happy mid-thirties woman celebrating semi-inebriated at a blog event with friends while eating sumptuous hors-d’hoevres. What could I possibly be worrying about? NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. Bags under my eyes? What bags? I wore those “smile wrinkles” like a freaking badge of honor. I’ve had them since my early twenties- they made me look like the smiley, happy person that I am, because I am!

Fast forward to recent past…

bags for daysssss

Bags for dayssssssss

… and suddenly, the “bag eraser” app on my iPhone is the first one I default to when I have to share a photo of myself online (like above). How could I possibly change THIS MUCH in just a couple of years? Was it my youngest’s birth, maybe? Did she suddenly plague my skin, make my bags protrude, or something? Why is it that I’m suddenly nearing forty and I’m slathering on beauty products like my life depends upon it? Forty isn’t THAT old, and yet, my skin is aging, my products are multiplying, and my once cute “smile wrinkles” are like Gremlins and are multiplying both in size and number. They’re no longer cute. They’re no longer something I can admire in the mirror or in pictures. HAHA! OH HECK NO, SISTER! You put on that lotion and you moisturize the @#$& out of those things because you can’t look old! You’re not old! 😳😳😳

Lisa at 90's concert in May

At the 90’s concert in May with my friend and alllll the wrinklessssss on my face

And, excuse me, almost forty skin, but what’s with this premenstrual pimple nonsense I’m still enduring? Didn’t we have enough of that as teenagers, why is this still a thing? How am I almost forty, washing my face with various expensive beauty products, using glycolic acid (for collagen), and witch hazel (to cleanse my pores) and yet you still want to brawl wit’ me? I’m not that old, but isn’t it about time you go torture some teenager or something? Or are you trying to give me a false sense of security by making me think I’m younger than I really am? “Oh, so you want younger skin, eh, Mrs. I’m Not Old? HERE! Have a pimple like a teenager. You’re welcome.” Grrr!!

spa night with a friendSeriously, there are some mornings where I am simply OVER THE SKIN DRAMA. Like, for reals. I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to have to put stuff on my face with the hope it might make me look better. But, just when I was beginning to feel like I was drowning in a sea of face creams, Jouviance anti-aging sent me some of their products to try, in shiny, pretty bottles with fancy names like “Collagen Boost Needle-Free Wrinkle Filler” and “Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula.” Was I really at the age of needing a “wrinkle filler,” though? Until I slathered these on my face morning and night for a few days, and I noticed something: I wasn’t using my “bag eraser” app on my phone anymore. Holy mama, LOOK!

feeling confident with Jouviance

Look ma! No edits!

This was just me and my skin. Confident me. I had on my pretty new dress, my hair was doing all good things on this day, and I took this picture and … I didn’t need to edit it? For really real? No “bag eraser” and no wrinkles waving back at me when I smiled. I mean, whoa!

And this next picture.. I only had on concealer, mascara, and a little brow liner on this day. I still can’t believe.. that’s MY skin?

light makeup using Jouviance productsJust to give you an idea, though, this is makeup-less me. Usually, I’d want to run and hide from sharing a picture like this picture online, but now? I gotta tell ya, I’m feeling much more confidant about my skin! I’m actually wearing less makeup! (Which is EXACTLY what I want, especially in the summertime!) My skin has never looked nor felt better!

me without makeup or editingI am officially hooked. Jouviance anti-aging is a Canadian beauty company that just expanded to the US and is now available at CVS. Woohoo! YOU WANT TO GO GETCHYOSELF SOMMA THAT! I know I have a laundry list of new Jouviance products to try for myself!

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