Out of the Mouth of Babes, Part 6

This morning’s are particularly giggle-worthy :) Enjoy!

On the way to school….

My 8 year old: Did you know they faught a war at the Alamo, mommy? In 1869!
Me: Really?
My 8 year old: Yes! It was between Texas and Mexico. Texas wanted to be free.
My 7 year old: Wow. Who won? (*giggle*)
My 8 year old: Texas did.
My 7 year old: Wow.
My 8 year old: I can’t even count how many years ago that was…
Me: Almost 150.
My 8 year old: Whoa! 150! Wow! That’s a lot of years!
My 7 year old: High five for that (to my 8 year old). Thank goodness we weren’t alive then. (lol)
My 8 year old: Yeah, that wouldn’t have been fun. (lol)
My 7 year old: What year was daddy born?
Me: 1978.
My 8 year old: And what year were you born?
Me: 1976.
My 7 year old: Whoa! You’re older than daddy?
Me: Yes baby, only by a year and 3 months.
My 7 year old: Wow.
My 8 year old, chiming in: Were you alive when the Alamo happened?
Me: *mouth gaping open, heart-stopping* Huh?!?!
My 8 year old: In 1876.
Me: I said nineteen seventy-six. If I lived in 1876 I would be 130.
My 8 year old: Whoa, that’s pretty old. (lol)
My 3 year old: Mommy, wook what happened to my eye!
Me: Where? I don’t see anything wrong?
My 3 year old: Wook! *moving his eye lid around* Wook at how irritated it is! (Irritated??? LOL!!!!!!!)

My kids need to stop being so darn cute in the morning. Or I’m going to have to microphone my minivan to get it all on tape for prosperity. Either way, wow! lol

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  • http://www.thechildcareblog.com Sharon

    Absolutely wonderful that they can be so alert and entertaining in the morning. I need to wake my 6 yr old for school everyday and she does everything in slow motion in the morning. She is just not a morning person. However my 10 yr old son is quite a morning person.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12783775723399171570 Moohaa

    As always too funny!

  • http://www.thelittlebluebirddiaries.typepad.com Rosalyn-Sue

    I’m looking forward to the day that my son gets to that age — really enjoyed your blog — thanks for sharing! And I noticed you were at Bragg — I used to live there and just came back from a visit. We’re stationed in south GA with the navy. All the best, Rosalyn-Sue

  • http://www.kidzarama.com/ Jane @ Kidzarama

    I love the way that kids have absolutely <>no<> sense of time.Wren is learning about the ‘olden days’ at school this term, and asked me this morning if we had a ‘silent night’ when I was growing up.Apparently a Silent Night was one of the first refrigerators on the market, replacing the old icebox.“No sweetie” I said, amazing myself at my ability to keep a straight face. “We had a Westinghouse.”