Homemade Birthday Awesome

It’s therapeutic to get your hands full of flour when you’re feeling low, taking all of you tension out on some dough..

pizza doughflour-y

Creating a masterpiece for dinner…

homemade pizzahomemade supreme pizza

Submerging yourself into thick, rich, organic chocolate cupcakes (with decadent homemade icing)…

organic chocolate cupcakes before icingorganic chocolate cupcakes with homemade fudge icing

Which were made for an important reason. A birthday. My daughter’s 9th birthday, to be exact. Since we aren’t traveling for her birthday (sniff), we went all out on the chocolate, as per her request (thank goodness, chocolate helps ease the ache of missing BlogHer).

ready to singmaking a wish

And Baby Dude, since feeling better, got to partake in the chocolate-y goodness. His first time. Not sure he was a big fan, but it was fun to play with.

playing with cupcakescontemplating liking cupcakesplaying in cupcakescupcake face

What’s on the not-able-to-attend-BlogHer, celebrating-a-birthday agenda for today? Getting wet and Wii wars. And lots of photographic evidence of both.

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