Facebook Chat + Alcohol + Your Sister-in-Law = This

Actual conversation with my sister-in-law last night, after I’d had one drink. Total blog-fodder for the win!

SIL: I am going nuts because I never have a day off… restaurant fri-mon. hospital tues-thurs

Me: Holy crap, you need a vacay! And lots ‘o margaritas 🙂

SIL: I dont mind the school work… I like learning. and as a nurse I will always have stuff to learn, but I just need some time for myself

Me: And a spa day!

SIL: Yes time to drink, ha! I have never had a spa day.

Me: I had a gift-card for a spa once and got my hair done instead. What the eff was I thinking?

SIL: I have never had a professional massage! It is my biggest self dissappointment

Me: Ah, that I have, once. Kinda creepy. My girly-parts were grazed by the masseuse person.

SIL: I dunno if i would like them in my hotel room… Um, ha!! Sometimes people pay extra for that grazing, haha! You just got a bonus!

Me: Oh. My. God Bwhahaha! Dude, it wasn’t even a cute dude, it was an older german woman {shivers}

SIL: Ewwww. yeah that is not appealing..

Me: HAHA, Now, if it was, like, the dude from Fringe or something? Hells yeah!

SIL: Yes then let the grazing begin!

ME: HA! Yeah! Wish I could recall his name. He was on umm.. crap. That show.. um.. Wow, I’m a big help huh? Heh.

SIL: Yeah I can’t remember either..

Me:With Katie that’s married to Tom Cruise and it sang “I dont want to wait”


SIL: Dawson’s Creek!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Must. Google.

Jonathan something
Jeremy Jackson?
No. Yes?
WAHOO I have a brain! 😀:D

SIL: HAHA! Together we figure it out! Maybe we make one brain…

ME: Dude, I totally suck at charades on the internet. Just sayin’

SIL:  Ha!

(later, after discussing our much-needed family get-together next month at our parents)

SIL: We should get a hotel (when we visit). It can be our safe place..

Me: Yes, our fortress of solitude haha (with a pool)

SIL: And tequila!

Me: Tequila poolside FTW!

SIL: The fam will be lucky if we make it over there to see them, ha!

Me: Schlepp over is more like it haha Margaritas at the ready to get there!

SIL: Hopefully it is within stumbling distance…

Me: I have always said we need a beer hat converted to a mixer for margaritas for the ladies, yeah baby!

SIL: That is a good idea. just one of those frozen drink mixers with a straw.. battery powered


SIL: You could be a millionare… it could be sold next to the Snuggie!


SIL: Ahhhh it is a dream come true… but only if the Snuggie is leopard or zebra print..

Me: And comes with the book flashlight. Bwahaha!

SIL: Ha!

Me: Gosh, this should be a blog post. It’s hilarious!

And so, it was.

(P.S. Beware bro and hubs, it’s on like Donkey Kong when we get together. Party on, Wayne!) 

(P.P.S. No moms were hurt in the creation of this blog post.)

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