Fourth of July Weekend, ER-Style

It wasn’t the same picturesque Fourth we celebrated last year at the in-laws house. Not at all. In fact, you could tell the recession had affected the notably smaller parade this year.

But it didn’t affect our children’s spirit, our children were all dressed and ready for any activity, despite the parade occurring one day early this year. My girls donned red, white and blue hair “pretties” with stars on ’em.

My two younger girls had matching tanks and dresses, while my two older boys sported festive, tie-dyed, star-spangled shirts.

The weather didn’t hold out for us, as it began to rain and turn yucky and too treacherous to swim. My kids are always pretty inventive, and so, with two couches with eleventy-billion pillows, they created pillow forts.

Unfortunately for my Baby Dude, falling over to knock the forts down proved to be a mistake. He fell into the side of the couch, putting his teeth through his bottom lip through-and-through (bottom teeth inside, top teeth outside, biting right through). After a lot of blood and screaming (by him and me), Granny had us rushed to the hospital lickety-split and in to see a doc in no time. However, my poor dude had to have three stitches. The absolute worst thing ever, despite being numbed, is holding your son down so they can sew him up.

(Note to children, please don’t make me have to do that ever again, okay?)

Thankfully, the next day the swelling started to go down, and the no-salt advisory that was given to us for him seemed non-existent – no food or drink slowed him down from filling his (swollen) mouth. He enjoyed every second we spent at a new fun place we ventured to in Lewisville, TX called The Main Event.

After a blur of a few psychadelic games of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf..

..we played Laser Tag, bowled…

..and played arcade games til our heart’s content…

..ending the day barbecuing at Granny and Poppy’s and swimming, watching Avatar and getting a good night’s rest in preparation for leaving to go home the next day.

But not without Baby Sis falling off the diving board and landing head-first into the pavement surrounding the pool, scraping up her nose and upper lip nice. Ugh! What the heck, kids?{shakes head}

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