Old-School Me Circa 1980s-1990s (Cue the Blushing)

In just over a week I’ll be attending the Type-A Mom Conference in which I, Lisa Douglas, will be the deejay for the 80’s-90’s Flashback party Sunday night. I’m scouring the internet for the FUNNEST, most OUTRAGEOUS throwback costume I can find, complete with crimping iron and bangle bracelets. I go ALL out, people.

Until I go and suggest to Kelby “Hey, why don’t we create a Flickr group chock-full of old pictures to play on-screen in a slideshow?”

I originally imagined people Googling pictures from back then, from their favorite movies, comics, advertising, and adding them to the group. But Kelby took it one step further and made it into pure-awesomesauce by asking people to contribute THEIR OWN PICTURES from CHILDHOOD back then. As in, those embarrassing pics of you rocking the 80’s hair-band look? And Madonna’s Like A Virgin look? The ones you hide from ever seeing the light of day?

Yeah. Those.

And so, for hilarity’s sake and because I’m feeling brave today, I dusted mine off from being buried in the backyard {cough} and added mine to the Flickr group. And since they’re already on the internet, here they are.

(Ohmygosh, am I really sharing these?)

My sister and I, the bangs twins, circa 1985.

Who needs an iPod when you can rock the 80’s cassette Walkman the size of a toaster? 
Oh dear Lord, my fourth-grade birthday party at the skating rink wearing my Michael Jackson t-shirt, complete with turtleneck underneath. Yikes.
Fifth grade, first perm ever. A trend that continued for the next five years. What the hell was I thinking? Hello big hair!

Eighth grade wearing a hypercolor t-shirt (remember those?) STILL rocking the perm.
My junior prom. I think I was sixteen here? Cripes. 
Now that I’ve fully embarrassed the ever-loving crap out of myself, now it’s YOUR turn! Haha! Oh yes! Even if you can’t make it to the conference, you can still “be there or be square” by uploading YOUR 80’s/90’s pictures to the Flickr group. These pictures will be shown throughout the party in a slideshow. C’mon, don’t be shy! (And, should you add yours, let me know in the comments section! I’d love to take a peek! I promise I won’t laugh!)
And do you have a favorite song (or twenty) from back then? Please, share it in the comments! We’re taking requests! 

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