Cinnamon Roll Cake for Breakfast – Quick and Easy

Forget individual cinnamon rolls – what if you took two or three cans, rolled them together to make a cinnamon ring cake? Sounds a lot like the famous quick-recipe for a Louisiana “King Cake” doesn’t it? However, the difference is, this isn’t decorated with crazy colors with a baby somewhere stuck inside for good fortune. No, this cake is as easy as can be to get together, and lasts a few days, making breakfast mornings bearable!

My version can be made a few ways:

  1. You can pick up two or three packages of all-natural mixes from your local store, and instead of making them into individual rolls, keep it together to form a ring. (Not too time consuming)
  2. Make the cinnamon roll mix from scratch, doubled or tripled, again, keeping the final product together instead of separating into individual rolls, forming it into the ring shape. (More time consuming)
  3. OR, the simplest way (but not necessarily the all-natural way): Use three cans of cinnamon rolls (from the refrigerator section), kept all together, squished to remove the seams (as much as possible). Massage each can together in the pan until it looked as solid as it could be. (Hardly time consuming)

Whichever choice you use above, bake until brown on top and cooked thoroughly. Once almost cooled, I iced it and, for extra sparkle, sugared the icing and placed some chocolate chips to get all melty, gooey and yum. Who says breakfast can’t have razzle dazzle?


Does that NOT look INCREDIBLE? Way better than regular cinnamon rolls – it feels like a celebration for breakfast, doesn’t it? Can you imagine bringing this to a get-together?

This bakes pretty fantastically easy at night, allowing you to cut into it quite quickly for fast-paced mornings. Neat, huh?

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