Mom 2.0 – Just What This Writer-Mom Needed

I have to unpack my mind as well as my suitcase, both are full from the past three days. Having clothed me this weekend, fuller by the day, chock-full of memorable trinkets, gluttonous moments made, and brimming with intention and new-found purpose after recharging my writer-battery.

I am so filled with happy, I could probably piss sunshine and rainbows right now, friends.

Mom 2.0 New Orleans
Missing these faces already.
For now though, I’m going to happily revel in my return to my family, my glorious husband, my over-excited-to-see-me yet sniffling kids, and seek solace in simplicity, in picking my son’s boogery nose among the endless amounts of laundry await me. The glitz and glamour of the fabulous Ritz Carlton may have been left behind in New Orleans, but the treasures I found there this weekend I hold close to my heart, now and forever.

P.S. Watch this, created by the very lovely and talented Katherine Center for Mom 2.0. This just about sums up the meaning of MY LIFE in a video. One of the many, many reasons this weekend why I was a big ball of soul-cleansing tears – so emotional, moving; so perfect, poetic and heart-stoppingly beautiful.

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