Reader Survey – Would Love Your Feedback!

About a month ago, I had a survey here on this blog that asked: “What is it about a blog that makes you want to come back? What prompts you to subscribe or read a blog regularly? Especially if you are particularly busy?”

The answers gave me a lot of insight.

You guys love the funny stuff! (And I do, too!) You also like relating to the author, and you like seeing great pictures. (And I really, really need to work on that picture-taking thing. Ahem.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is that I do here – where do I want to go? What could I be doing better? What is it that I feel is working? What isn’t working? What would I want to see more of/write more about?

But, you see, there’s a whole lot of “I’s” in the above paragraph. “I” this and “I” that. And while I love sharing and writing and picture-taking and recipe-creating and craft-making, it isn’t always about me. You, my reader, come back to read what it is I write and share here, and I’d love to know what you find most fascinating, and what you wish I’d do away with; what you feel I don’t do enough of, and what you’d love for me to do that I haven’t done yet.

I also have witnessed a few bloggers lately show a disgust for my commenting system, Disqus. Back in ’09 when I switched over, I wrote about why I decided to switch. I freakin’ love the functionality of it, but am concerned that readers don’t like it. I’m particularly interested in your thoughts on that, too.

And so, I created a reader survey.¬†With the design/layout changes coming to this blog this month, I’d love to know your thoughts. This survey is completely anonymous, so you can be as honest as you’d like.

Thank you so much, not only for filling this survey out, but for reading me, for visiting, for sharing in our lives and for being here. I appreciate you!

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