Family Summer Daily To Do List

I’m going to do my best, each day, to ensure everything gets done properly, ensuring everyone’s needs are met (including mine), and that we have a great time. It isn’t easy to remember everything with eleventy-billion kids running around here, though.

To help me stay sane, I’ve created a Daily Summer Family To Do List.

I’m going to print it out and place it inside a frame and use dry erase markers, hanging it conveniently where kids can reach. Or, I was thinking of putting it inside those plastic page protectors and placing it on the fridge. Everybody gets a different colored wipe-off marker to check things off.¬†Either way would work well, don’t you think?

Some things are silly, but it’s a good reminder to do daily, like make our beds, have outside playing time, HAVING FUN. I want my kids do have fun, every day.

Our daily summer family to do list

For those who’d rather not have the “daily” in there, here’s a version without it:

Our daily summer family to do list

What do you think? Is there anything you would add?

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