New Workout Plan

After three full, @$$-kicking weeks working out on the other regimen, I only lost a mere couple inches all over but GAINED THREE MOTHER EFFING POUNDS. @#$*(@&#$(*#@&$!

I kept convincing myself that it was mostly muscle and/or water weight, especially considering the weight training I was doing was grueling, but I couldn’t keep at it and keep seeing a gain on the scale. It doesn’t so much for your self esteem, you know? Not to mention, as great as I was eating, and as diligent as I was in working out faithfully and sticking to the plan, I simply didn’t feel that good about myself. Sure, I felt stronger, but I was disappointed in my progress; I expected to see more of a change and a roominess in my jeans after three weeks, especially considering how hard I’d been working and how drastic the diet change was.

I won’t say I gave up completely, I’ve just decided to switch gears.

Just as I was stuck, second-guessing myself and what I was doing, I saw a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador was asking for a little promotional help. Brad Gouthro is the man behind, and he’s launching a new set of workout DVDs today called the Live Lean Meltdown. This new workout has an introductory 3-day discount at 40% off, which gets you this 10-disc set for only $27!! He shared with me the Live Lean Meltdown videos in return for spreading the word about them. I tried them, and immediately LOVED them! Short and sweet and straight to the point! I loved them so much, I decided purchased his Live Lean Afterburn videos, too, and got to work. And when I say work, I mean W-O-R-K!


Brad means BUSINESS and takes no prisoners, and I love love LOVE it! Hello, cardio. Hello, no nonsense fitness. I don’t know if you can see it clearly, but there was BIG sweat pouring off of me in this video, taken just after my workout.

If you’re looking to lose a little weight, get over a weight loss plateau, or get stronger, try using Brad’s website and videos. You can find more of his workouts and tips on his YouTube channel at I, for one, am impressed and I am eager to see my body change. Anyone want to join me? 🙂