School Holiday Performances 2013

Yesterday we had quite the busy day with holiday performances. My first grader’s performance was at 6:30pm, and I had to have my eighth grader back at his school five minutes away at 6:50pm for his 7:10 band performance at the junior high. While that was happening, my husband, first grader, and a couple kids went to the nearby Sonic for dinner, so they could have my fourth grader back at the school for his 7:30pm call time for his 8pm performance. This left us just enough time after my eighth grader’s performance to get Sonic ourselves to be back at the first school by 8pm to see his performance to finish off the night. Whew! (Are you exhausted from reading all of that? I’m exhausted from doing all of it!)

Here’s the videos and images from yesterday!

first grade holiday concert 2013Our first grader’s performance:

Eighth grade holiday performance 2013Our eighth grader’s performances:

Fourth grade holiday performance 2013Our fourth grader’s performances

Baby V at the band performance

Daddy and baby at the holiday performance

holiday performance selfie with the kidsHave your kids had holiday performances yet?