Baby’s First Car Wash (Didn’t Go So Well)

It all seemed innocent at first. She watched diligently while the cars in front of us were sprayed and washed. She pointed and called out “WAH” smiling and laughing happily as she waved her arms. We had just been to the grocery store, and were snacking on some of our purchases while we waited. It was one big car wash party between the three of us, happily singing along to the radio while crunching on snacks, celebrating baby’s first car wash. What a fun little addition to our fun afternoon out, right?

And then it became our turn.

No big deal, she looked around all wide-eyed and interested, as the green arrow turned to a red X (meaning, don’t move the vehicle) and suddenly a fine mist appeared over top to wet the car. She sat transfixed as the first layer of soap-foam flooded us.

baby's first car washShe got more interested in what was happening when the second layer of soap-foam was sprayed. Yay, foam!

baby's first car wash - foam!She seemed pretty stoked about this experience… until the first rinse.

baby's first car wash - what the..!?This was a brushless carwash in which they use power sprayed water. She loves the hose.. and even the shower. What could go so wrong about the car wash?

baby's first car wash - water!Oh, EVERYTHING.

baby's first car wash - noooo!Thermonuclear meltdown in 3… 2…

baby's first car wash - ahhhh!Yeah, apparently, this wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had.

baby's first car wash - hulking outI swore she was going to hulk out and bust the car seat in order to escape. She was PISSED.

baby's first car wash - is it over yet!I’m pretty sure she’s never gonna forgive me for this one.

But it’s alright, though – she got her payback alright. Pretty sure she brokered a pretty good deal with her big sister later that day, details yet to be determined.

dirty car after car washYup, I’ve got my hands full alright.