Kids Sleep Anywhere: The Baby Indoctrination

There can be no doubt that she is our child. It’s official, after showing signs of being interested in joining our ninja-powered sleep academy, she’s fully indoctrinated now. Picture proof:

In this first picture, she gave up on staying awake to enjoy the sights during our bike ride, she just curled up and racked out.

baby asleep during bike rideWhile she enjoyed eating her chef salad immensely, it also looked a little comfy.

baby asleep in saladIf I recall correctly, she had been upset about something, came over for some hugs and reassuring back rubs, and fell asleep like this.

toddler sleeping kneelingAs for this position, she had fallen asleep and slowly slid off the couch. I mean, how is this possible? How do you not know you’re standing? Haha!

toddler sleeping standing upMy oldest son decided to join her on one of her naps the other day. This isn’t exactly the strangest place he could fall asleep, but he went down within seconds of her, AND during a brief car ride in the car, too!

sleepy kids in the carAnd Baby V isn’t the only one lately. First day back at First Grade after the winter break is hard, man. Baby Sis didn’t even last her afternoon snack before giving up and falling asleep at the table.

first grader asleep on dining chair(If you haven’t noticed, my kids have a knack for this sleeping anywhere business. Check out more hilarious photos by browsing my kids sleep anywhere series!)